The sun is shining ☀️ Thank God.

I’ve been seeing my new therapist. I’ve had two sessions with her now. I believe it’s already making a difference. I’ve been going to boot camp at 5 every morning. It’s a huge commitment but I’m doing it. And I have to maybe just take the time to admit to myself that I am enjoying it. It’s actually kind of fun – just taking a whole hour and selfishly devoting it to me and my body. Incredible. I went to go watch my friend’s belly dancing performance. The girls looked so pretty, confident, happy, beautiful… I want to f|l like that. So I impulsively signed up for two open classes. I don’t know how that would fit into my future, considering money, considering time, but hey, perhaps everything doesn’t have to be a five year plan. What if I just went to these two classes and enjoy it? What then?

I’ve also been painting a lot of wine bottles… I save them, paint them, then use them for oil lamps, planters and storage. I am not sure how practical or sustainable this is but I must say I am enjoying it… It’s creativity without being daunting.

I would like to paint again – huge portraits and such, like I used to, but everything has it’s place, it’s time. It’s not time right now to paint but the time is getting closer.

This will be the first year that I’m taking off time over Christmas. The new partners made it happen… It’s really amazing how much the business has grown. And though we are not even close to being home free… We are surviving right now and that is proof of concept.

We have load shedding right now. That’s what they call it in South Africa when they cut the power for hours at a time during the day. That is why I have time to write work much today.

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