I only want three things in life. This is what I want… and this is how I’m doing in getting my hands on them…

Goal 1: Dance Fit

When I dance, I feel alive. I have to dance to be able to breathe. Success, for me, would be being able to dance all day every day.

Current status: Doing 2 hours of pole dancing and 1 hour of burlesque per week. Exercising every weekday morning.

Goal 2: A Sustainable Small Business

I want to build a small business that can sustain itself and me, for life. I want the business to give me the freedom and the life I deserve. No more chains, just living.

Current status: I have a strong foundation in place on which to build this, but at the moment my small business is not yet sustaining my desired lifestyle.

Goal 3: Healthy Relationships

I want friends and a family. Happiness. Togetherness. Shared experience. Love. Unconditional. Acceptance.

Current status: Fuck. Relationships are really hard. Lost my husband. Kind of have a boyfriend.