Motivation Mirror

This is my collection of quotes from posts on other blogs, from life, and everywhere. These are the things I need to remember in order to stay motivated. I collect them here so that when I look at this page it is like looking into a mirror of motivation.

Wall of Wisdom

This page is for snippets of wisdom collected from inspirational figures, books, social media, and followers of this blog. When life gets confusing (and it does!) this is where I come to find wisdom, peace, and ideas.

Compliment Corner

These are compliments I’ve received from real people in real life. I post them here because I have a problem with reverse boundaries. See my boundaries tend to keep the bad in and the good out. This is apparently ‘normal’ or rather ‘a common symptom’ for survivors of childhood trauma.

Humour Hub

For those times when I’m feeling down, which is quite often I collect some of the best funny things I’ve encountered in my life. One review of this page and I cannot help but smile.