It’s good to meet you

Hi, I’m Ariel Hopewhispers,
and no – that’s not my real name.

I’m a female human being in my thirty’s. What I do for a living is entrepreneurship. I’m attempting to get rich by working harder now so I can chill later. So far that has pretty much just meant that I work hard all the time and have very little money in the bank, but I’m (still) hopefull that that will change soon.

I have a miniature schnauzer, that I love dearly and don’t get to spend enough time with.

I also have a crazy judgemental, fairly wealthy ( I mean they manage to take good care of themselves working their uni jobs) , loving (in their own way) family.

I had a husband, but he left, now I have a new partner (and I’m not sure if he’s gonna stay, but I would like to believe that he is the (new) one).

I live 5km’s from the beach in a house that my parents bought. I don’t pay rent.

I’m a really good person. I’m kind, never mean. I always put others first. I love passionately, protech those I love fiercely and I work really hard.

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I’m really intelligent and talented. I’m a qualified Chartered Accountant. I was a Registered Auditor and Tax Practitioner. I still train in the profession. I have a Masters degree in Accounting Education and no matter what life throws at me I always seem to manage to keep going.

I’m a qualified ballroom and zumba instructor and I have a good work ethic and an ability to solve complex intellectual problems in a matter of seconds.

Some people would say that I have everything going for me. They don’t know that I spent time in a mental hospital and have been diagnosed with PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder and survived a suicide attempt when I was 21.

At one point in time I wanted to believe that I was going to make it BIG. Now, I’m not so sure anymore all the time.

I have a passionate love for dancing, going on adventures, doing new things, painting, drawing, writing and doing anything creative, but I don’t get to do those things often anymore.

I’m a published author.

I’m trying to turn my life back around to before life happened and shipwrecked my dreams.

I’m writing this blog to document my journey, keep track of my feelings and also to (hopefully) get help and support from a community of people that want to see me succeed in life.

I hope that you wil be one of them.

Lots of love,