The hike: one step at a time

Today I went hiking with a group I found on meetup. It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, but never had the courage to do.

I met the group at the designated place, walked a forest path mosaiced with autumn leaves, saw the ruins of settlers who conquered the terrain years ago, struggled to keep up with the group, though about giving up more than once, wrestled with my demons of the week (anger and uncertainty over my business & business partners), saw some great sights, laughed for a change, felt the sun on my skin, got blisters the size of apples on my feet, met some new people… And kept going.

I finished the hike with the group and got a handshake from the instructor who acknowledged my accomplishment for completing the hike.

Turns out that ‘easy’ means easy for intermediates, not beginners like me. But I finished it anyway. Yay me and well done.

Perhaps life and entrepreneurship is sometimes like those steps on that mountain. If you think too much about the whole journey it’s easy to give up or never try, but if you focus on just taking one step at a time…. you just might make it… One step at a time.

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