I called him that night

I called him that night.

I told him I have my brother in my car.

Home wasn’t safe.

We had nowhere to go.

He said I should call him later that night. He was at gym at that time.

We had nowhere to go.

He was supposed to be lifeline, a life coach, life blood, a lease on life.

Turns out he was just like everybody else.

So if you’re going to be giving yourself out as someone who is going to be there for someone else. Please don’t pretend. Please just remember that, when they call you – it might just be because they actually need you. It might just really not be safe for them at home that night. They might have the responsibility of a little brother, squarely on their young shoulders and they might just actually, have nowhere else to go to, no one else to turn to, no safe space. Nothing.

I don’t blame him. I mean, people have to earn a living, but also I do blame him. At that time if I had just one person to talk to, just one safe space to go to. Just one person that cared…things might have been a whole lot less worse for us. Instead, all I got from making that call was confirmation that we were really alone in this world, really vulnerable, really alone, really in danger, really in need of just some hope, just one warm meal, or a little love, a place to go, not even, but perhaps a home – and we had nowhere to go, no hope left, only desparation and literally not one person on this planet could be bothered to even take a phone call from a young adult that really needed help.

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