Honestly… I want to be more organized…

Hey You,

So here’s an idea for a writing prompt… for the next few journals I am going to focus on really digging deep and being brutally honest with myself about myself, my fears, my needs, wants and desires. I got this idea from the 7 Cups Website here: https://www.7cups.com/startup-support

Their winning equation for success as a startup is…

“Practical Skills (To tell the truth about what you don’t know) + Radical Self-Inquiry (Explore with vulnerability why we do what we do) + Shared Experience (Communicate both in a Safe Space (in a safe way)) = Enhanced Leadership + Greater Resilience = A greater chance to succeed in entrepreneurships”

So I’m starting with the “honestly” series…where everyday (I’ll try to do this everyday) I’ll pick one thing to tell the truth about…and it will be about something I don’t know or why I do what I do…just stripping back the bullshit of what we tell ourselves to make ourselves feel better.

Anyway, let’s get going… the first one… I am a naturally messy person. I tell myself that this is okay. My mom is a naturally anxious over the top perfectly organised person. Around her I always felt like I couldn’t be organised…like I shouldn’t even try because I won’t get it close to perfect anyway… So I’ve been resisting getting organised…in my life, in my house, in my business… I make a lot of lists but I never spend time on prioritising them and figuring them out because as soon as I sit down to do that I hear my dad’s voice going on about “wasting time” on things that aren’t important.

In reality because I’m completely ignoring this “not important” task I end up confused and overwhelmed and my productivity suffers. So I need to acknowledge this and then make time to think about how to come up with a workflow system that I can spend 30 to 60 minutes a day on that will keep me from feeling overwhelmed, anxious and out of control.

Sigh… Lets see how this goes…By the way…anyone have ANY ideas??? Would so appreciate it! This is literally the area where I’m weakest at in life, and I’ve been trying to research but no solutions…

Notes on How to get Organised from Lavendaire…

Give yourself space to get organised. Organisation is a habit, not a once-off thing.

Set an admin day to review your week, declutter things, put things in calendar, organise to-do list…maybe Sunday?

Balance between:

Yin: Breaks, vacation, self-care, reflection

Yang: Hustle

Yin supports Yang

Keep things out of your head by brain dumping into a simple note app or notebook (whatever is easiest). Then worry about organising that information later.

Build a system you can trust to organise your workflow. Accept that this will require a lot of tweaking. You need to do what works for you. This may include:

  • A brain dump space
  • A to do list system
  • A project management system
  • A calendar

Keep the system as simple and accessible as possible, but effective at the same time.

There’s a productivity course on skillshare that covers how to build the perfect system for you. The link is in the description to the video and there’s a two month free trial… YAY!

Understand the difference between events and tasks.

Batch similar tasks together to prevent losing efficiency and wasting time and energy. For example set a time to run errands, to answer emails, to plan, to call, to write, to social media market.

Batch all 1 – 2 minute tasks together and do them as soon as possible.

Do the most important tasks first. Know your three most priority tasks for a day.

Learn to use the Eisenhower matrix to your advantage to filter your tasks and re-evaluate how you are spending your time. Focus on things that are important and not urgent.

Make time to make plans. Don’t just rush into everything. Schedule time for planning.

Process all your life inboxes regularly. Have a system to process these. For me these are emails, whatsapps

Put into categories:

  • Archive
  • Save for Later (Then this)
  • Short Task (Do second)
  • Important Stuff (Do first)

Plan your day the night before…a good time for planning is the night before your next day.