Another good weekend

It was a good weekend. I needed to recharge after a hectic week. “Eat. Sh#t. Sleep. ” is what my husband prescribed. “Single cell survival” is what he calls it. I did work a bit today, but I only finished half the tasks I was supposed to do, however I’m not going to guilt trip myself, because you know what? Sometimes I also just need a break. And that’s what I gave myself today – a break. I understand that I will now face the consequences for it, but I made my decision – no use losing sleep over it now. What I am more than slightly anxious about if I have to admit it is my performance at work and all the challenges arising from it this week. Since the key manager has announced his intention of leaving the end of the month the pressure at work has been steadily growing. All I can do, is accept that it is what it is and stay focused, calm and emotionally sane so that I can make the right the decisions when the time comes for making them. It’s going to be rough, but I’m excited to learn this chess game. #positivethoughtsSpeaking of positive thoughts, I used to be the Queen of problem-solving until that day… I was the person that always had a plan. Whenever something went wrong I would accept the situation and deal with it immediate. I was a cat and I always landed on my feet. But back then I still had the emotional intelligence of a three year old (a quote by my therapist). I didn’t understand that it was necessary for me to take care of myself, to take time to… Feel… And… Heal. Perhaps if I knew back then what I know now that day wouldn’t have happened. I’m not sure, but I know I have grown A LOT the past few years and I believe I am stronger now and I’ll only get stronger and learn even more. I just need to remember my roots. #blessed

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