My superpower: the ability to make people feel safe

My dad never hands out compliments, much less genuine heartfelt compliments. He is just as hard on everyone else as he is on himself. But today he told me that he thinks that I have the talent of making people feel safe, that is why I don’t struggle to get clients. I just talk to them, they get to know me and they sign up. They feel they can trust me. I make them feel safe.What makes it even more special is that he told me this whilst he was aware that I am not perfect. I had just lost a lot of money with recruiting the wrong people for the business and not managing them properly. I also got into trouble with our professional body for “unethical behaviour”. I marked tests for them and changed marks on the scripts without another marker present. I wasn’t aware that they had changed the rules from the previous year and I wasn’t allowed to do that. Anyway… Point is… Not perfect. Actually VERY ASHAMED.Bit he told me that he is proud of me for my tenacity, for persevering even when life “happens” to me. I told me I a fighter and it doesn’t matter how many times I fall down it matters to get up every time. And I’m doing that. It was just very good to hear. Perhaps the world isn’t pure black and white. Perhaps it’s a tolerable shade of grays.

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