Ramblings of an overwhelmed woman

If all progress takes place outside my comfort zone and

The heart of wisdom is tolerance.

If I am the only one that can give myself peace

And I am the one floundering in the middle

Gasping for air

Having a near death fish experience

Over and over again


The secret of true happiness is letting every situation

Be what it is,

Instead of what I think it should be

And this secret is inside the circus

Inside of me.

Calm down. Or you’ll burn out. Like a flame that flickers, then blazes into light, puts up a fight, tries to swallow all the darkness in the world whole in one piece in a few seconds, before it flickers once more and then slowly dies. Calm down. Or you’ll burn out.

I’m feeling very overwhelmed. Very lonely. I’m not sure why. But once again I spent the whole day working, then trying to relax but failing to do so. I am exhausted now. Just falling into bed. Quickly trying to figure out my mind just before I drift off into a desperate and exhausted sleep.

The truth is every reality you perceive is your reality.

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