Discovering the importance of relationships

Wow this weekend was one to remember for the all the weirdest reasons… I am baffled at how much people around me can change based on me changing. It’s like a ripple effect. It’s insane. My relationship with my husband continues to improve as we develop a deeper relationship . My partners are running the business like pro’s. I have a relationship with my parents and I actually enjoy talking to them (something that I thought would never happen). I tried everything before. I though I just couldn’t work with people. I thought the world just is unyielding and unfair. My husband just isn’t someone I would ever connect with. To be honest I didn’t know what connection was until now pretty much. Now that I know the power of it I cannot imagine navigating this world of relationships without it. It would be like learning to drive without having glasses on whilst having poor eyesight (something I’ve also done in my life).

And I stumbled upon this amazing thing by chance. I was listening to motivational speech on YouTube whilst working and the guy said something about influence and leadership. And for some reason this grabbed me. I didn’t really believe it but I thought I would try it. I came home that day and instead of letting my husband follow his own head (as he usually does) I explained to him calmly and with compassion what should happen. It didn’t change the world but I ended up reading a book called boundaries, starting this blog, taking emotional wellness seriously and just re-evaluating some truths I believed about life. Turns out one of them (the relationship stuff is nice to have, the work stuff is a must therefore always prioritise work over all else and if your unhappy suck it up) wasn’t true. In fact reality couldn’t be further from the truth. By denying yourself connection you are protecting yourself, but also cutting off your only real way of making a difference in this world. The world doesn’t make sense without acknowledging the role of relationship in it. It’s like driving without glasses…

Also I organised our bedroom and storage room this weekend (something I never do). I just suddenly had the urge to organise. And I completed the last module of my book for the online course gig. It’s about accounting. Also, I voiced my concerns with world to my husband and it made me feel better. I’m still anxious about work though but I guess that’s normal. Also, I discovered some leftover sleeping pills whilst organising the storage room so that’s where I’m heading now. Dreamland, blissful Dreamland until tomorrow…

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