A never to forget lesson

I learnt something today that I should never be allowed to forget – my family comes first. If I don’t look after them no one else will. Don’t let people take you for a ride, take you for granted or take you anywhere for that matter. When it comes to money I have a habit of letting my self worth dictate how much I ask for/ how much I accept. I guess I would happily work for free if someone left it up to me. This is a weakness of mine that people around me are so happy to exploit it’s sickening. I will never again say yes to a request that doesn’t benefit me and my immediate family (currently just hubby). I am done with being walked over, being pushed around and not being paid what I am worth. If the people working with aren’t happy to pay me what’s due they can see how well they can get on without me. Fuckers. It’s so easy to ask, ask, ask… they feel like they deserve… But they don’t. They don’t deserve the food that’s supposed to go on my husband’s plate. I see now that my ‘better nature’ has caused me to literally give away his food, thinking ag it’s okay, we don’t really need it, there will be more… It’s only as you get older that you realise there won’t. Don’t take anything in life for granted. Fight for what is yours or watch your family die in front of you.

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