The I like myself game attempt 1

I like Ariel Hopewhispers, I really do…

Ariel has a kindness in her that can change the world. The best thing about her is that, no matter what she goes through and she has been through a lot!, she has never stopped believing that she can change the world..

Ariel has pretty eyes with long lashes. Those eyes are sexy, cat-like and her husband’s favourite thing about her…

Ariel hair is the prettiest colour. It has natural highlights and low lights and frames her face in soft curls.

Ariel has an unwavering, unbreakable spirit. I respect her for it. Many people have attempted to break it, but by a sheer force of will, she’s never let them. It makes me think that she is unbreakable – like the warrior princesses she idolizes.

Ariel is incredibly intelligent. She can figure things out that mere mortals never would.

Ariel is creative beyond words. Her creativity and zest for life is inspiring.

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