Hope whispers try one more time

And back to embracing the positive white horse side of me… After my previous super sulky post I realised that I needed attention – and badly…and that I had the power/ the ability to give myself that attention. So I googled one of the main issues I identified from my sulky ramblings… and I found this absolutely inspiring and beautiful person:

And I listened to her. I can relate to the lack of identity and lack of motivation she is describing…and I think maybe this is part of what I’m struggling with. So I made some notes on her advice and I’m posting it here so it doesn’t become just one more thing that I’ve forgotten, because I tend to forget things…

So here it is… (A summary – her advice, my words (paraphrased)) – Sometimes I feel like I’m not even a person at all. How are you supposed to know what you want if you don’t know yourself at all? A sense of self takes years and years to build. Especially when you have literally no foundation to start off on -you find yourself, a young adult or an older adult even, and you have no idea who you are and nothing to work with. You have to build yourself from scratch, every time, and you are never certain if this self is the authentic one… This is the definition of fear. At this point you have to give yourself a reason to get better. If you do one thing for yourself – you have to create a life worth living (for you). Connect with people with similar interests. Get inspired. Do things that make you happy. If you don’t know what makes you hapyy, observe yourself, study yourself, what are you naturally inclined to doing?What makes you happy? What makes you feel ‘not sad’? Do more of that. Figure out what makes you happy and then work towards goals in those areas. Do it for you. Get help. Love yourself, because you have to, because if you don’t you’ll continue hating yourself and although that feels comfortable to you, it also feels really shit doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you rather feel some self-love for a change? Just try it. It helps to vent. Remember, that this is hard, and that is okay. You’re going to be okay.

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