When I read these words from Lilblondezombie I feel…

Grateful for her courage to share this. Grateful that she has written the words that I’ve been too afraid to write. Afraid of the emotional pain that still lies in store for me during this divorce. Proud of myself because even though I know this about myself… And I knew how “impossible” it is for me to leave my favorite person… I still did it. When he turned really abusive, when I had to choose between my life and soul and having him around… I chose me… And I’m still standing… Yes, I’ve bled, yes, it hurts, yes I’ve become suicidal yes I Jabe thoughts of self harm and innapropriate coping mechanisms coupled with an impulsivity and self destructive ness that have skyrocketed to new levels. But I did it and I’m still standing. And that counts for so much so I am honestly so proud of me. Thanks for bringing it up lilblondezombie!


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