I have to be my home now..

Hey you…

You are going to be okay you know? You’re gonna be just fine. (Brushes tears from cheek lovingly). Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, I need to listen and I need you to trust me please. YOU are going to be just fine.

You just lost your favorite person honey that’s all. That is what hurts so much. Your heart is telling you that you won’t be okay on your own, that you’ve lost your home, that you’re a dog and you need your master, but that is simply not true. Your heart only thinks that it’s true because your heart has been traumatized before and it still carries some of the wounds… It doesn’t always remember v that you’re not 3 years old anymore, that you’ve lost your home (in fact you never had one) long ago and that you’ve been fine ever since. It doesn’t always realize how strong and powerful you’ve become… Or that your spirit is brave and your soul courageous. You are going to be your own home now darling. You can do it. You know how I know? Because you’ve been doing it successfully for the longest time… You just haven’t realised it… But now, now that I’ve pointed it out… Hopefully you do. I love you hun and you deserve love and all that’s good in the world. And you should love you too, because you are freaking awesome..

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