The person I am going to become

She was a lioness. When she rose, nations followed. Where she spoke, tribes would form. She was confident and kind, clearly aware of her worth. She made decisions gentlry, but firmly steering the people that chose to follow her in the right direction. She worked harder than everyone else, but she loved herself for it. She understood that she deserved as much unconditional love as she so freely bestowed on those around her. Around her, people blossomed.

She was incredibly smart, a leading intellectual. She lead them firmly, fiercely, forward. She never quit. She was a visionary. She managed change brilliantly. People felt safe with her. When she spoke, people listened. She was widely respected.

Positive Affirmations that are going to get me there:

  • I am a number-chrunching, creative genius solutions machine. Problem-solving aint got nothing on me
  • Girl – you got this. I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth.
  • I am on fire with passion for my business and my team.
  • My team is going to conquer worlds on my instruction.
  • I speak with conviction.
  • I am sure of myself.
  • I consider all the facts, weight all the options, and make decisions that serve us best in the scneario in which they are presented.
  • I know that whatever happens. I will be able to deal with it. I lead us safely forward, even in the biggest blizzard.
  • I plan meticulously. My ducks are always in a row. My team is always provided with every single resource they could need.
  • I make the decisions that make the tomorrow’s possible for all of us.
  • I take the lead.
  • I am a fearless leader.
  • When I rise, nations follow.
  • I am a lioness.
  • I am a responsible leader.
  • I give direction – firm, but gentle.
  • My team loves me.
  • I am surrounded by love.
  • I love myself unconditionally
  • Where I walk, money follows
  • I create abundance everywhere I go
  • I walk firmly forward everyday
  • I am grit and determination.
  • I find beauty everwhere I go and this inspires people.
  • I am perceptive as hell
  • I am a safe haven for myself and my team
  • I am calm and confident
  • I radiate authority
  • Everything I touch turns to gold
  • Trust me, you want me on your side
  • Follow me and prosper
  • Authority is permission to act without asking permission while being held accountable.
  • I engage and energize organizations.
  • I exist to serve. The purpose of my authority is effectiveness and efficiency in everything we do.
  • I live the values that feed this business
  • I find it easy to focus energy and protect with boundaries.
  • I learn from everyone around me while I lead. My team respects me for this.
  • If you want to survive you should let me lead.
  • I celebrate the competence of others without degrading my own role.
  • I focus more on where we’re going than on what went wrong.
  • I am confident, but not domineering, empathetic but not weak
  • I always explain what we are doing and why.
  • I work hard, am knowledgeable, am confident and produce results. That is why I lead.
  • I know and can point out my contribution to this company. I know my worth and I broadcast it proudly.
  • I know what I have done to deserve their respect and I am not fearful of pointing this out when necessary.
  • I am open to changing my leadership approach based on what does and does not work. My flexibility is one of my greatest strenghts.
  • I am my own best friend. With me in my corner, I can reach the stars
  • I listen to what my clients and team have to say and make the call to implement change where necessary. This earns me authority and respect from both co-workers and clients.
  • I project a sense of confidence, professionalism, and single-mindedness about getting my job done, which is why I am naturally seen as ‘the boss’.
  • I do not doubt myself and so other do not doubt me.
  • I know that I am the best choice in leadership for this company.
  • I am proud of my CV. I have worked hard for it and deserve to showcase it.
  • I am proud of the third party credibility I have established for myself in this world. My clients love, respect and trust me because of who I am.
  • I am knowledgeable, fair, compassionate and firm.
  • I have built a professional persona that people will remember
  • I have an undeniable entrepreneurial spirit.
  • I am a responsible leader.
  • I am a good leader and therefore I am constantly developing
  • I’ve developed the skills that develop leader capacities, namely situational awareness, calmness under pressure, mental flexibility, and positive thinking. This is why I am a good leader.
  • I motivate people by showing how their work fit into the bigger picture of the company.
  • I know how to maximize the commitment of my people to the goals and strategy of the organization.
  • I am an authoritative leader, which means that I earn respect, I don’t demand it.
  • I direct my people with unwavering conviction and dedication.
  • I believe that my strategy is the most effective, and therefore I lead my people toward that vision fearlessly.
  • I am capable of exercising firm decisions in high-pressure situations, but I am also highly aware if the method is counterproductive.
  • I accomplish projects quicly and efficiently
  • I set rigid rules when necessary to keep my business out of harms way
  • I am intentional about when and how I make demands of my people
  • I speak and act with the confidence of my position
  • I know I don’t have to get angry or upset because I have the tools and authority necessary to resolve problems
  • Iknow that addressing problems head-on is a key part of my job, and I act accordingly.

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