Random bubble of happiness

Hey you,

I’m really happy right now.

Our money has basically run out and the sales just aren’t getting there. Its a struggle and I’m tired. I need to make a plan to find money to buy dog food and food for me and the tenants I live with. Their income streams have basically been reduced to nothing because of Covid… they’re bartenders and haven’t earned a living wage in about 4 months so I’m pretty much supporting all of us now…and I’m still in the startup phase with my new company…

So there’s a lot to stress about. A lot of reasons to be tired, anxious, depressed, worried, but what good does that do?

Also, right now, I just got my new bed delivered so I can move into my own room… And even though I haven’t had a chance to put linens on the bed…when I close the door and sit on my bed a feel the solitude hugging me…and I know this is my space.. Its rough and its raw and messy, but its mine and it has potential…and its just mine. I don’t have to share it with anyone. I don’t have to listen to how much my now ex-husband hates my taste or choice of bedding. I can fill it with unicorns or mermaids, rainbows or anything on the face of the planet that I feel like filling it with. Its rough and its raw and its not much to be honest…but today it my little random bubble of happiness…

Just thought I’d let ya know.

Yours truely,


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