Recovering from burnout and a small turtle

At some point during today I was feeling so depressed and hopeless. It felt like all that was left to do for me was to start taking my anti-depressants again.

But now, my best friend, had her baby and I was reminded of the important things in life. I have a massive headache and I was tired and struggling through the last of today. I think that’s because I went to bed late last night.

But I managed to do some washing today, which is odly something that makes me feel really proud of myself.

I also went for another walk and I even did some yoga and made time for crochet.

I feel like I am starting to take better care of myself

My productivity hasn’t improved yet, and, compared to my normal workpace, its still really bad, but I kinda feel like that is okay. At least I’m getting pieces of myself back. And I have hope that I’ll get back to full capacity soon.

Suffering from burnout is really not nice, but I’m grateful for small wins.

I’ll get there.

For now I’m just going to curl up into a ball and make myself cozy, listen to a sleep meditation and drift off into dreamland.

Goodnight awesome person. Let me know if you’ve ever suffered from and had to recover from burnout whilst life was still going full steam ahead? How did you do it?

Ps: I saw a small turtle when I took my dog for a walk today. It was SO tiny, tinier than the palm of my hand. A total baby turtle. It made me smile.

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