Read this when you’re down

Hey You

I just have to say – I am SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU. You’ve been through so much this week – and you managed to survive! Not only that, but you didn’t let one revenue-producing ball drop, you still delivered your lectures. Even when the ER doctor misdiagnosed you, and you were feeling like dog shit and the confusion was at its worst, you managed to keep enough of a level head to figure out that you actually have a kidney infection – and then you got yourself the right treatment.

And now I am probably going to be OKAY – because of you!

I really appreciate you looking after me this well. And I adore the new dinner boxes you’ve ordered for us. They’re amazing, tasty, convenient. I didn’t even have to cook this whole week and won’t have to cook the weekend and there isn’t a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. And Blue Eyes is still alive and there’s an easy option for him to eat something healthy and filling whenever he gets hungry.

I know I don’t say this often, and I probably should say it more, and I probably should be a little less hard on you (or sometimes even a lot), but I think you are a FREAKING ROCKSTAR. You are such a strong woman. You’re resilient, you’re beautiful, you’re drop-dead gorgeous – inside and out. Sometimes I don’t even know how you keep it all together, but you do! You’re amazing and I’m so thankful to have you in my life!

Please read this letter whenever you’re feeling down or out or alone – because you’re not. I care about you and I think you’re amazing. And I want you to know that we’ll always get through whatever we need to go through – together! We are some of the strongest people in this world – I can promise you.

Now please just take the rest of the weekend off. Rest, recover, enjoy. You’ve earned it. I love you. Take care of you. Speak soon.

Lots of Love,


PS: This is the first letter written in this style – to me, by me. I learned this from my first therapist. Sometimes it helps to imagine you as if you are a friend of yourself. What would you say? Today this is what I would say. I hope it helps you too…whoever you are.

I’m still looking for friends to share this journey with me… I want it to be one of raising awareness, sharing hope, sharing ideas, sharing love, inspiring… and having a place to turn to when you’re down. Feel free to drop a comment or message me if you’re going through anything. Maybe I’ll write a letter to you next. 🙂

Sending love and vibrance your way.

PPS: Lesson learned – If you ever have severe nausea, thirst, and fatigue, struggle to concentrate, and backache and you get a pregnancy test and it’s negative – you might have a freaking kidney infection! Get medical help immediately. They can do urine tests and other things to confirm.


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