The courage to grieve

It’s really difficult to deal with unmet childhood needs. Having the courage to dig through painful memories until you unnerve the ones which cover open wounds is a process that requires time, patience and commitment. It literally involves us looking for the things we are most afraid of and admitting to that thing how much you fear it. Only once you’ve admitted how much you wanted something you never got, can you honestly mourn it’s loss. See you don’t lose something you never got until you give up on the hope of ever getting it. It is a daunting process that hurts a lot, but the price to pay for not having the courage to face your demons is even higher still. When we refuse to let go of an unmet need, we are it’s slave. Subconsciously we are a slave and we will do whatever inappropriate behavior our unmet need suggests in order to attempt to meet it, but despite years of abuse and cycles of inexplicable depression and anxiety it will never be met. We will remain chained until we choose to confront and grief.

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