A little bit dead..

Omw what a day! I literally got up tired and I just kept pushing and pushing and pushing myself until I got my whole portfolio of work done for this one client. That was intense!I don’t really know I feel about it also. If I’m honest I do feel a bit good about it. I mean I did R21,500 worth of work today, but then also… I also feel a little bit irritated/ frustrated because I wouldn’t allow myself to rest. Like this voice in my head kept shouting at me that it still wasn’t good enough. It’s not good enough. Be better. Do more. Be better. Do more.I guess at the end of a day like this I should actively take some time to acknowledge my effort and be grateful for what I did for myself. For us… But how? Ignoring people saying… “Wow that is amazing. We’re so proud of you.” Kind of comes naturally to me.And at the end of the say I’m listening to the same old song… “I can’t get no… I can’t get no… I can’t get no satisfaction. ” “And I try… And I try… And I try… But I can’t get no… “How do I turn on the voice in my head that can say “you’re good enough. You’ve done enough. Relax. You don’t always have to try so hard. “? And more importantly what will happen if I do figure out how to turn on that voice? Will I turn worthless overnight? Stop working so hard? Stop being so nice? Stop trying so hard? Am I literally only the sum of the effort I put into each day? Am I?https://josiahharry.blog/2018/11/05/youre-only-as-good-as-your-last-win/

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