Rambling and goals

Today I tried a new app called accomplish. I do think it helped to take time the night before to set my intentions for the next day. I didn’t magically double in productivity but I did feel calmer… More together.. I think. I’m not in bed by time but I exercised! I’m so proud of myself! Have really been struggling to find motivation to do this and this morning it was like some spark of my old self was back – the person that enjoys exercise, and breathing heavy, and the challenge and believes that there are adventures to be prepared for. I’d like to see more of her again… My work task is not done, but I do think taking the time to “pack” the rest of the day neatly into boxes with clear intentions did help my brain to reclaim some strategic thinking paths and now I have a plan for tomorrow and how to make it even better than today… I’m going to strategically tackle work with the end goal in mind. My mind will be having work for breakfast tomorrow. I specialise in finding the shortest route to the clearest answer. I musn’t forget that. I can do this.

On totally unrelated note… Just as I was getting desperate today my husband got out of bed and his behavior started resembling more of his best self. I am grateful for that.

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