And then I found the strenght to…

So its been a pretty rough ride the past couple of weeks -not gonna lie. And today I think it just all came crashing down when it started sinking in… And its such a lonely space to be in… It feels like no one will ever understand your pain and your pain will never heal and everything is hopeless… Which is where I am once again reminded how thankful I actually am for this blog…

Yes, I can write down all my depressing stories, bleed on these pages through poetry and write about my less than ideal situation and feelings, but I can also be reminded that life is full of ups and downs and that I’ve always made it again in the past – why would this time be any different? I can look through my wall of wisdom, my compliment corner, my motivation mirror and take heart…once more… Just once more… So I can live to fight another day. Which is why I am proud of me for contributing to my wall of wisdom today, even after everything… I’m still here and I’m still breathing…

From Broken Heart Syndrome and Borderline Personality Disorder by Dr. Daniel Fox

Even if they say nothing else, at least let them say that I never gave up…

Ariel Hopewhispers

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