This is how an angel falls

The tears run down her face. She makes no sound.

Like blood flowing freely from an open wound.

So do the tears flow from her eyes.

Her laugh is silent.

Although these days she hardly ever laughs like she used to.

The wolves have all but stayed…

Eating her up from the inside out.

Like a candle that burns brightly, flickering through the night

When it burns too violently, it will soon burn out


By the dark.

The darkness lives inside her.

Like a nightmare, like a spider

Like a something that was never

and was never meant to be.

Loneliness is her company

no matter how many people she sees

because her heart has gone a bit fridget

a bit broken,

A bit unhinged

Slightly crazy

Not always all there

She cannot remember

A time that she really cared

Not anymore

The hands of men have burnt scars on her body

The tongues of women have left just as many

Its her soul that’s at risk here

Its her heart that cries over spilt milk

Its her everything

and nothing at all

This nothingness

This is how an angel falls.

This poem was inspired by me listening to one of my new favorite songs during the period in which I was waiting on my divorce to be finalised…

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