Another stunningly tragic epic video from The Pretty Reckless

I love the tragic blue cold scenery in stark contrast with the red dress. Her pale skin makes it even more striking.
Holding on to the last bit of hope inside.
Trying to numb the pain.
Wishing it was over.
Loss leads to anger.
Anger leads to thinking.
Which leads to despair.
Broken and vulnerable and no help is coming.
I can so relate to this new video released by The Pretty Reckless.

So maybe I should just admit it then; I miss him.

Hey You,

I’m visiting my parents at the moment and I guess I’m feeling a bit confused. I can’t stop thinking about this new man in my life. The last 7 months has been such a whirlwind rollercoaster, with the new business starting and running faster than I’ve ever seen another startup ever progress before.

We’ve been having sex pretty much every single day. It’s been great. At the same time I haven’t really had much time to myself, to think about me. I was kind of thankful that I didn’t have to…I mean there just wasn’t time… But now I’m visiting my parents and he isn’t here…and I cannot stop thinking about him. I’m not in love. I can’t be, but I miss the comfort of him, the safety, the familiarity…and I can’t help wondering if maybe, maybe, maybe….maybe we could just fall in love and be happy. That would be an amazing fairtytale ending to a story with a very tragic start… but who knows if I’m destined for a fairytale happy ending or a fairytale tragic ending or perhaps a bit of both?

I guess the only way to find out is to stay tuned… Anyway I discovered this music video by accident today whilst looking for more ASMR vids on Youtube…and I liked it… a lot…am resonating with it right now. Is it just me, or is there a certain comfort in tragedy too? Especially when its such a familiar space to be in?

Yours in Hope,


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