Just a Quick Check In

Hey You šŸ™‚

I’ve missed you. I’ve been thinking of writing to you, but I just haven’t made the time. I’m sorry. I’m here now though.

So on Sunday our leadership coach came through to our house and stayed for 4 hours just to help us figure out how to lead our business into the future. I was so thankful for his company. We figured out so much together.

He also got my co-founder to take responsibility for one of the revenue streams, whilst I focus more on the other and he helped me figure out that if I block off my time in the morning to focus on the big task I want to accomplish for the day I can deal with all the tiny tasks in the afternoon, in between our meetings, but at least I would know that the big thing I want to work on has been worked on.

This is different from the way usually work, because usually I would like to choose a big task and then work on it until it is done, but that’s not feasible in the real world. It might have been when I was going to school and my tasks were all homework, but now that I’m running a business its just not…

I really hate when my partner smokes in the room. He is doing it right now. Hopefully he’ll stop soon and go back to his vape.

Anyway… I’ve been doing my new “rich person” routine in the morning, where I literally pretend that I’m already rich and have life made until 10:00 in the morning. So from the time I wake up, up until 10:00 I literally only do what I like to do or want to do… so I’ve been belly dancing again, doing yoga, meditation, creative work, blogging, etc in that time.

It is incredible how much happier it has made me feel throughout the rest of the day and week. It makes me resilient. It makes me a nicer person and it makes it easier for me to deal with everything that life throws at me. It also gives me this obvious glow (because I’m really happy) that people on meetings notice, whether consciously or not, and it intrigues them, it makes them want to join us, buy into our vision, learn our secrets.

Its good. I must remember how important this routine is. Who thought that by taking care of myself I could increase our networth?

Anyway, I love dancing again! It makes me feel so feminine! I’m shocked at how unfit I am though… I’d like to finish the classes I’m doing on Youtube and then go for actual real classes when I can afford to.

I’d like to poledance and do competitions too. It will be fun. It makes me remember a side of me that I thought was long since dead.

Anyway, so that’s me, nothing too deep or hectic tonight. I just wanted to check in.

How are you doing? It feels like we haven’t spoken in ages! Let me know šŸ™‚

Lots of love,


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