If I was my best today, I would say…

Hey You 🙂

I just wanted to tell you that I am super fucking proud of you.

I know it sometimes feels like no one sees you, but I do, I see you… and I LOVE what I see!

You’ve been working super fucking hard and no one ever stops anymore to tell you if you’re doing okay or not. That’s okay. I’m telling you you’re doing fine! Don’t sweat it.

I love the drawings you’ve been doing. They’re not dumb or stupid, they’re beautiful and colorful and quirky and uplifting, just like you! Do what you can with what you got. That’s what they remind me of.

I know you wanted to be further along already with your business and training projects, but seriously, no one expects you to be super human. You’re doing your best and that is still better than 98% of the other humans out there.

I know you get irritated, frustrated, and angry more easily these days, but remember – you’re going through a lot! You’ve gone from basically never moving to exercising 6 times a week! I’m proud of you just for being courageous enough to take this step to stand up for yourself. It’s like by taking the money to pay for gym and healthy food you’ve said: I matter. That’s great, because you do.

You put a lot of pressure on yourself though, to have to lose that much weight that quickly. You know what, you’re doing the right things. You know what I’d say… Marry the process, let go of the results. What will be must be. You just keep doing you. You’re lovely. The world is a better place just for having you in it. You’ve got a kind of beauty that isn’t measurable in looks and everyone sees it.

Don’t worry so much abour the growth rate of your business. It IS GROWING. It’s not going backwards, you’re moving forwards and you’re learning along the way. Remember this is all new to you, but I trust you. You’re smart. You’ll figure it out.

Just promise me one thing: you’ll put yourself first for a bit now, please? You’re one of the most beautiful human beings I know, don’t let yourself get raped by life now, not again, you hear me? Its time for you to look after you. You deserve it.

I love you. Now take some time off to do something that matters to you, that you love doing, that makes you feel good. Whatever you want to do. You’ve earned it.

Lots of love,


If you were your best friend, what would you say to you today? 🙂

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