Just stuff I think everyone should know

You deserve the world,

you stunning person.

So take it.

Don’t wait.

If you wait for someone to

hand it over

you’ll end up waiting


People are selfish like that.

But if you take it for yourself

you’ll have it,

so you can share it.

The world is yours,

just take it.

If you wait for one day

when you’re good enough

you’ll wait forever,

because you were good enough


The day you were born you were

good enough already.

Now if your parents never told you

how proud they are of you,

then do something good and tell yourself.

Look after your soul.

Look after yourself.

There’s something really special

inside of you

don’t wait until you lose it

to tell me that I’m right.

And never give up,

you’ve got to fight,

because this is war

and you’re a person too.

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