I am terrified of not being noticed. Wanna See?

I’ve realized that I was born to be noticed. I have a thing for wanting to mean more than I mean by myself, for wanting to be more than I am.

I have things inside of me that deserves to be noticed.

I have a goodness inside of me. A willingness to sacrifice myself for the greater good. An ability to endure and withstand pain. I have the ability to inspire, to care, to notice, to leave an impression, to impress, to shock, to nurture.

I am terrified of being kept in a cage, forgotten in a box, shoved onto a shelf, gathering dust.

Perhaps that is why I find this new hobby fascinating…

I never knew there are social media websites where you can post your thougths, pictures, deepest wants and desires, but not your face… never your face…

Wanna see?

I’m CuriousLibra699

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric on Pexels.com

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